Colorized Carte de Visite of

Ellen Jackson (1866 or earlier)

This photo of Ellen Jackson was taken between 1858 and 18661 by Mr. James Pitt2,3, London N.E., 4 Bethnal Green Road.

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1  The dating 1858-1866 follows from the address '4 Bethnal Green Road'.3

2  James Pitt had started work as a weaver following in his parents trade, as a lot of the people of East London did. However with the changing times James at some point made the decision to become a Photographer and both his wife and son followed in the profession. Their business was in Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, London, from 1872 till the early 1900ís.

3  Pitt first appeared at 4 Bethnal Green Road in 1858 which was re-numbered to number 215 in 1866. His photographs show a founding of 1857.
1872-73: 215 Bethnal Green Road E.
1874-83: 213 Bethnal Green Road E.

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