Daguerreotype of Calvin Calkins (1780-1862)
Attached Note
This photo was probably taken around 1850. In 1850, Calvin Calkins was 70 years old and lived in Ballston, Saratoga, NY. His first wife, Charity Barrows, had died 9 years ago. Their son Calvin Pardy was 41 years old and had three boys: the eight-year-old Matthew Henry, the four-year-old Herbert-Victor, and the two-year-old Carlton Chace. One year after the death of his first wife, Calvin had got married for the second time to Clarissa Hamblin, who was 38 years younger than he was and survived him by 39 years.
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daguerreotype detail the case
Daguerreotype Detail Ornament on the cover of the case.
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